VAL's Pistol Whip Tournament!

Pistol Whip Breakdown

The Virtual Athletics League (VAL) is launching an exciting, first-ever, worldwide high score Pistol Whip VR tournament with support from Oculus and iBUYPOWER, in association with the largest names in the VR community; VRespawn, SpringboardVR, LIV, VRML, and Splitverse. Pistol Whip, the action rhythm shooter is developed by VR veterans at Cloudhead Games, previously responsible for the award-winning, fantasy adventure series, The Gallery. Since launch, Pistol Whip has become a hit among VR esports athletes. The Tournament is a widely supported effort at scale with the best VR esports organizations in the world taking part. In concurrence with the high score tournament VRespawn and VAL are running a global social media contest in mixed reality. The social contests will be powered by LIV, this is a huge opportunity for creators and influencers to show the magic of VR. SpringboardVR is supporting and sponsoring efforts to involve their 500 VR arcade customers. Community leagues and media groups like VRML, VRespawn, and Splitverse are bringing players, media, and passion for VR esports as well as logistical support, while iBUYPOWER is providing the gaming platforms with their VR Ready PCs.